The purpose is to take a fresh look at important and meaningful topics. We are all prone to confirmation bias and hence a tendency to reject or ignore other perspectives. Peer groups can also discourage free thought. My hope is to expand awareness, and find areas where minds can converge.

I provide links to videos, podcasts, articles and other valuable resources that facilitate this endeavor. Participants (meaning you) are encouraged to submit thought-provoking articles to be posted on the Ponder page. Your suggestions and feedback about the project are necessary and appreciated.

When possible, I will interview people who represent interesting takes on challenging subjects. Never does my selection of who I interview imply that I agree with anything they say. These interviews will often include some discussion, so I can help clarify my guest’s position or challenge them when it seems appropriate.

My ultimate goal is to foster constructive, face-to-face dialogue between people who see things differently. To do this, I have put together a conversational structure to make things as fair as possible. A description of the structure can be seen on the Events page, under SAFE SPACE for FREE THOUGHT.