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Every moment can be an opportunity to see things a new way. 

Start Fresh was inspired by my desire to encourage constructive conversation about difficult-but-important topics. Society appears to be divided by tribalism, ideology and identity politics. To create a better future, I think we will have to speak honestly and be willing to learn from people who view things differently.
In light of recent attempts by mobs to quell views they find offensive, as well as the sensitivity and biases that prevail on university campuses,

I have created an event called, SAFE SPACE for FREE THOUGHT.
Of course, I cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, but the purpose is to allow ideas to be talked about regardless of whether or not others find them offensive.

​I will also interview people who have controversial perspectives. I will try to listen respectfully, and I encourage others to as well. Never does my choice of who I interview imply that I agree with anything they espouse. The interviews will take the form of dialogue in order to improve my conversation skills, and so I can challenge my guests when it seems appropriate.
This project, and site, are likely to evolve. I value feedback and advice on how to improve the quality of events, podcasts, site structure and how to be more effective in my personal development.
This will be an adventure, a purposeful attempt to learn and to share ideas. Let’s do our best to jump in, swim out, and catch a new wave of insight — let’s start fresh.